Collaboration Details

Creative and Performance collaboration between
Stone Jets (Band)
Mr Rokas Valuntonis (Maestro Pianist)

To thematically work through classical works and Stone Jets’ original discography and by all means where possible, create new music works that will form the basis of proposing a project where the artefacts of this collaboration are an input to working with Choreographer Kevin Jenkins to produce/create a performance piece with.


Identified ventures:

  1. Arranging a classical repertoire in a Style that best showcases both Mr Rokas Valuntonis and Stone Jets’ musical talents.
  2. Rearrange original Stone Jets music by incorporating any original performance ideas by Mr Rokas Valuntonis, improvisational or rehearsed.
  3. Have an Easy Listening Voice and Piano Showcase repertoire on hand, that can be packaged and marketed to agents.
Way Of Work

No formal process or time constraints as of yet – Jan/Feb 2022.

Identified tasks:

  1. Develop a repertoire and rehearse it as we do.
  2. Record/Film a short tastemaker for potential Agent(s) promotion.
  3. Rehearse with the full band setup once repertoire is developed.
  4. Meet/Rehearse whenever possible for all those involved.


Composer - Song Recording Score
Franz Schubert - An Die Musiek VIEW HERE
Johannes Brahms - In stiller nacht VIEW HERE
Richard Strauss - Zibernetta Aria (Grösßmachtige Prinzsessen) VIEW HERE
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Schlafe mein Prinzchen Schlaf ein (Wiegenlied ) VIEW HERE
George Frideric Handel - Lascia Ch'io Pianga VIEW HERE
H Krome - Ou Karooland VIEW HERE
Umberto Giordano - La Mamma Morta VIEW HERE
David Bilbrough - Abba Father (Let me be) VIEW HERE
Johannes Brahms - Wiegenlied (Guten Abend, Gut Nacht) VIEW HERE
Thomas Ambroise - Hamlet:Pratagez-vous mes fleur VIEW HERE